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Sverchok UdpClientNode


Sverchok is an excellent add-on of blender and it enables you to create 3D model using glaphical node interface. I am seeking the posibility of this add-on and tried to communicate with other programs. But it didn’t have any network node like udpreceive or udpsend in MaxMSP. So I made a node which enable you to use function of udp client in your nodes. (This node has been already merged to the repository)





Simple string value to send the remote sever.


String value received from remote server will be sent to the next node inlets.


IP IP address of remote server you want to access
Port Port number of remote server you want to access
Buffer(Byte) Size of buffer you want to read
Timeout(sec) Timeout length of network connection



This is a short usage example of this node. UdpClient node receives current frame number from inlet and send it to the remote server. In this example, I built server as a simple echo server so server returns frame number to the node.


Source code of node in above example is as below. Translate frame number form Frame Info Node to simple string.


Sample server’s source code which respond to above example is as below. (Node.js)

Save this code in your machine and kick it.

I’ve already use this node for my own project and will introduce it in the next article.